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Spring Forward to Forgiveness ⋆ Breath of the Lotus
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Spring Forward to Forgiveness

Spring Forward to Forgiveness

Happy Spring! Time to “SPRING” forward!

This is the time of year that is ripe for new beginnings. If we allow ourselves to open our minds we can let the past fall away and just believe in the present moment. We can surrender into the unknown with a new sense of security realizing we are ALL exactly where we need to be.

…but, before we can move forward, lemme ask you something.

On this journey how much extra baggage are you bringing with you?

Take a moment to see if you are holding onto anything that you no longer need…that no longer serves you.

Baggage like resentment? anger? grudges? hate for someone? hate for yourself??

Are you failing to TRULY forgive? Forgive yourself? Forgive someone else?

I know…I ask a lot of questions lol

I do this because asking these questions to yourself is IMPORTANT. Your higher self already knows what’s good for you, all you need to do is ask these questions and wait for it to give you an HONEST answer. You might not like honesty from yourself…but believe me, you will get it.

So, CAN you forgive?

Part of COMPLETELY moving forward is being able to forgive the past.

Forgiveness is for you.

Forgiveness is for you.

Forgiveness is for YOU.

Many people think forgiveness is a way to enable the person who may have hurt you. They feel by forgiving them is condoning their behavior or telling them that what they did was ok.

This is just not the case.

You technically never even have to see or say anything to the person who you’re forgiving…and they don’t even have to ever know. Sometimes forgiveness can even come after the death of someone who may have hurt you.

Forgiveness is for YOU.

Forgiving and letting go of that lower energy empowers you like you cannot imagine. Forgiveness creates balance and harmony within you and the energy ALL around you.

When you hold onto lower emotions like resentment, anger, and hate you continuously live in that reality. So every time you think of the hurtful situation your brain fires off the same chemical responses. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between a memory and actual reality so you relive the moment over and over again.

You aren’t spiting the other person by not forgiving them…you are only spiting yourself. You hold all that energy within yourself which will ultimately bind you and affect your life in the future.

There is an amazing quote by Wayne Dyer that goes:

“Forgiveness is the most powerful thing that you can do for your physiology and your spirituality. Yet, it remains one of the least attractive things to us, largely because our egos rule so unequivocally. To forgive is somehow associated with saying that it is all right, that we accept the evil deed. But this is not forgiveness. Forgiveness means that you fill yourself with love and you radiate that love outward and refuse to hang onto the venom or hatred that was engendered by the behaviors that caused the wounds.” 

Ego is a powerful force that imprisons us within this illusion we call life. We don’t wanna look bad, shameful, embarrassed, or weak. Somewhere along the lines of our conditioned lives we learned these “morals” that we really have no basis for. Who’s teaching us this?…other people who also can’t let go and forgive? Do their lives look appealing you?

We DEMAND respect…or what we THINK respect is…but maybe, in actuality, we are really just looking for an accomplice.

Some people don’t like to hear “Everything happens for a reason” because that means they have no control over their own lives…but that isn’t really what that is saying.

To say “Everything happens for a reason” really just means you are surrendering into life the way it is. It’s not so much that you just stand there and be passive about everything…it’s more of this universal acceptance.

You may not like a situation but it’s about ACCEPTING it the way it is. Accepting is part of forgiveness…

You really CANNOT control everything that happens to you and around you. Yea, you can attempt to try, but in the end you know you can’t make every situation the way you want.

There is a universal plan in play here…

How many situations can you say “Well, if so and so never happened I would have never met my spouse” or “If I never got laid off from that job I never would have found this one that love way more”…etc, etc…

If you think about it I bet you can remember a million of these…

You can think it’s silly, and chalk it all up to coincidence, but everything within the universe TRULY lives within this interdependency. It all works because it ALL connects and the connection only works when everything and everyone is in the right place.

So how is ALL OF THIS relating to forgiveness?

By beginning to believe things are just what they need to be and let the rest go.

Some things just needed to be done. Some things just needed to be said. Some things just needed to happen in the way that they did.

…and that’s a lot to surrender into to, believe me.

I certainly wont say I can do this with perfection either…HELLS NO! I’m just here to express what I believe to be true and my OWN personal experience with it.

Remember, we’re not saying or condoning that it’s ok for a person to hurt you physically, mentally or both. ABSOLUTELY NOT! What we ARE saying is “Have you looked at the bigger picture?”

If you split the Mona Lisa into 100 different pieces there will be some pieces that are just not so pretty. It’s not till you put it all together that you see why all those “not so pretty” parts needed to exist.

Everything might not look so appealing throughout your life but there IS a bigger picture that is yet to be finished.

We have to stop trying to control the artists’ brush and just allow them to do what they do best.

Forgiveness allows you to let go of ALL this need to “control” and just be.

So as the flowers push through the dirt, for yet another spring/summer, take the time to realize it’s that same dirt that nourishes them and allows that growth to exist.

So as YOU push through your own dirt this Spring recognize that it does have a purpose for you…

…then give thanks, brush it off and leave it behind.

Take in the sun as you would the rain.

We need them both to grow tall.

Happy Spring! ( :