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Meditation ⋆ Breath of the Lotus
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Breath of the Lotus offers many options for meditation across all age groups.

Meditation for Kids

Kids need meditation? Of course they do! I mean, they are our future doctors, politicians, presidents, CEOs, YOGA AND MEDITATION TEACHERS! They will one day keep our world flowing peacefully.

Children’s minds are reshaping and growing daily, and while their practice needs to be a little different than an adults, research has shown children truly benefit from a daily practice of meditation. Even just short breathing exercises with your children can greatly reduce their stress, fears, and anxieties.

As children grow into teens, meditation can help with all the obstacles they face with school, friends and relationships with their parents and family. Research has proven meditation helps with ADD/ADHD, anxiety behaviors and grades in general. It improves their overall health and makes for happier and more relaxed behavior.

Adults have shaped our brains and habits specifically from the structure that society has provided for us. From birth we were told what to do and how to think. Imagine a life where, from a young age, you made ALL your own choices based on what your heart told you. Meditation gives everyone that choice. We owe the future generations that chance.

Corporate Meditation

Having worked in a corporate environment for over 18 years, I know that meditation is needed more than ever! The “status” that starts in grade school unfortunately carries into adulthood and especially into the workplace. People are more concerned with what title they have or how much money they make then actually working with integrity and honesty.

The higher up the corporate ladder the more stress, the more anxiety, the more pressure.

Meditation allows the ego to fall away and allows a better understanding of what’s truly important. I teach techniques that can make for a more productive day and happier employees! Companies such as Apple and Google have been incorporating meditation into the workplace since they began. Meditation improves focus and mental clarity, which of course provides for a more productive mindset.There is a lot of research that has been done that proves meditation greatly improves performance and morale within the workplace. For more information, click here.


Daily Life

Look, we all have everyday stresses and worries. There is no one is alone in that. Even the people you think are the happiest have worries or fears. Most of us wake up every day and the moment our eyes open our minds are going a million miles a minute. Priority lists become too long and we never know what is more important, who to tend to first, or what TO DO first. Well, that’s an easy answer..YOU are most important!

When you make yourself a priority EVERYONE around benefits from it. People have a misconception that focusing on yourself is wrong or selfish but actually it’s the exact opposite. If you are unhappy, stressed out and overworked everyone around you will be affected by it. You will get angry faster and your mental clarity will go right out the door.

Do you lose keys? Forget your wallet? Walk into a room and forget why you walked into that room in the first place? These are all signs of being un-grounded and a sign to slow down.

Fortunately, all of this can be fixed. Just 10-20 minutes of meditation a day can significantly improve EVERY aspect of your life. (all the benefits are listed on the FAQ page).

“…but I have no time to meditate.” – too many people

EVERYONE has time. Some of the most successful and busiest people in the world meditate and if they have time,so do you. When you begin to meditate you are able to better organize your life. You become calmer, more peaceful and less agitated. You react differently to stresses and obstacles and develop a more positive environment for everyone around you.

One on One

Private meditation sessions are available upon request. Let us make it as easy and as comfortable as possible! I will come to your home or office! Skype or FaceTime sessions are also available.