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Frequently Asked Questions ⋆ Breath of the Lotus
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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is meditation?

Meditation is way we quiet and calm our minds. It’s a practice of disconnecting from sensory awareness and focusing within. We learn to withdraw from distraction and focus on our truth.

What can meditation do for me?

Meditation provides a number of benefits, such as stress relief, focus, pain relief, clarity, creativity, relaxation and peace. It has been proven to actually enhance growth in the pre-frontal cortex of our brain providing more positive feelings. It helps find meaning in our lives and gives us the tools to cope with the everyday challenges life provides.

Do I have to be a Buddhist or Hindu to meditate?

Absolutely NOT! While the discovery of meditation came primarily from eastern practices, you do not have to follow any specific culture or religion to practice meditation. Meditation can be extremely spiritual but you do not need to have any religious or spiritual background to meditate.

When I try to meditate I have too many thoughts and I can’t concentrate. How do I calm my mind?

People tend to misunderstand exactly what is supposed to happen during meditation. Thoughts are always present and are perfectly fine. It’s learning to not let those thoughts control us. Through meditation exercises, and what I teach, we learn to observe those thoughts then release them. Just like any exercise we do in life, we first start out weak and build strength throughout a daily habit of that exercise. Meditation is no different. The more you practice, the more rewarding it will become. St. Teresa of Avila said, “A meditation is done right if all you did was fight distraction.”

Will meditation solve all my problems?

Meditation itself will not take away your problems. What it will do is give you the tools and mental clarity to solve those problems yourself.  When you sit and connect with the super conscious you develop a deep peace within…by sitting in this peace you will recognize solutions, some which you might have never thought of.

Why do I have negative thoughts or unpleasant emotions while I meditate?

During meditation you can experience many different levels of emotion. Some thoughts may be unpleasant but this is perfectly normal. Whenever you engage your heart in meditation you will only see truth in what you need and sometimes the truth can be unexpected. Meditation shows you what you need NOT what you want.  Instead of being discouraged, you need to observe what the emotion is trying to tell you. Do not hide from negative or unpleasant emotions; instead welcome them as part of your growth and you will not only enrich your practice, but also your entire life.