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Falling Overboard into Joy ⋆ Breath of the Lotus
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Falling Overboard into Joy

Falling Overboard into Joy

So last night I decided to watch the movie “Overboard” (and no, not the shitty remake but the original.)

I’m sure most of you saw it but here’s a quick synopsis: (spoiler alert):

It stars Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Goldie Hawn plays this uptight, pretentious, millionaire who travels around on a big expensive yacht. One day she gets stuck docking at a “lower class” town as her boat gets repaired. As they impatiently wait she hires Kurt Russell, a contractor from the town, to redesign her closet on the yacht. He does what she asks but in the end she refuses to pay him. She ends up pushing him off the boat into the water along with all his tools. He watches angrily as the boat pulls away leaving him without his $600 fee and ruined tools. Later that night Goldie Hawn is looking for her wedding ring on the yacht when she accidentally falls off and into the icy waters. No one notices she fell and is later rescued by a garbage boat. She ends up having amnesia from the fall and her photo is broadcasted on the news in hopes someone will know her. Kurt Russell recognizes her and hatches a plan to pretend he is her husband so she can work off the $600 she owes him. Long story short, he falls in love with her and she falls in love with him. Later in the movie her memory returns and there is conflict. She returns to the yacht only to recognize that none of her old life makes her happy anymore. She ends up returning to Kurt Russell as she realizes its life with him that TRULY makes her happy, not the luxurious lifestyle.

So, I have seen this movie like 100 times but I never watched it with the perspective that I did last night. As I study yoga I begin to see things with new eyes and start to realize that lessons can come in ANY form…including 80’s movies! LOL.

Goldie Hawn, being born of high standards and rich blood, has been conditioned to think that being rich and living this luxurious lifestyle is the way to happiness. She spends her days filling it buying useless materialistic things and treating her staff like garbage. She hires Kurt Russell to redesign a closet (that really didn’t need redesigning in the first place) and continues to treat him badly while berating him as he works.

You can begin to see, even from the very beginning, she isn’t really happy at all. When Kurt Russell finally fights back you can notice how much it affects her. She thinks of him as this “peasant” but yet she is still affected by his words of TRUTH.

We all are born the same way. It’s through our conditioning that we become who we are. It’s how we decide what to think and who to judge. It’s also how we perceive “right and wrong” or “good and bad”. Our conditioning breeds habits and it’s THOSE habits that control our thoughts and how we react to the world around us.

When the people around us don’t agree with our thoughts we react negatively. This is where we start to separate from each other. We start surrounding ourselves with people who agree with our thoughts and look down on the people who don’t. This behavior pulls us farther and farther from who we truly are.

You see, we’re really not searching for truth, we’re just looking for accomplices in our game. As long as someone else agrees with our DELUSION we can survive one more day while ignoring the truth in ourselves.

…but that doesn’t help anyone grow, especially you.

When Kurt Russell first brings her home she is still skeptical about him and his family. The kids go along with the ploy and torture her by playing jokes and making her into their own personal slave.

At first, it might seem justified what they are doing to her. She was nasty and horrible to him so it seems fitting to return that feeling and force her into situations she hates.

Through all of it, though, they both begin to learn something. They begin to see truth in each other.

She begins to realize that its being a Mom and a wife that makes her TRULY happy. She is almost completely broke living with him but she doesn’t seem to care much. At the same time he begins to see that she isn’t everything he thought she was. He begins to see that the “rich princess” on the yacht isn’t who she is inside. He begins falling in love with this woman he once despised.

How many of us are looking at people like this?

Do we see a family driving a beat up car, wearing ragged clothes, eating fast-food and think….”How disgusting!” Do we see them smiling and think “How could they be happy when they obviously don’t have much!?”

….in the same way, do we see a man/woman in a designer suit, driving a BMW and automatically have the idea that they are stuck-up or arrogant?

Did you ever have someone in your life that you thought of a certain way but then got to know them and changed your thoughts completely? I have. I’m sure WE ALL have. You could actually hate someone one day and love them the next, in the same fashion you could love someone one day and hate them the next.

When life doesn’t live up to your expectations it’s up to YOU to decide how to react.

We judge people before we know them because our conditioning tells us what is the “right way” to live….but there is no “right way” at all. We all have different views of the same thing. We all have different experiences within the same environment.

I have a quick parable that relates to this…

A young boy was looking at fish in a pond. His father asked him “How many fish are in the pond?” The boy counted and said “12 fish”. He was correct but then was thrown off by the fathers next question. He asked “How many ponds are there?” The boy, thinking that was a silly question, answered “Only 1 pond, Dad”. The father looked at him and said “Wrong…there are 12 ponds.”

Do you know why he answered that way?

He was saying to his son that EACH fish has a different perspective on what that pond looks like. So while it looks like one pond from the outside EACH fish is having it’s own life experience within the pond. Therefore, there are 12 ponds.

We are ALL having our own perspective on life. There is no “wrong or right” it’s just what we make it to be. There is no perspective that is “wrong” it’s just what we see through our own FOGGY eyes. That perspective can stay stagnant within our conditions or we can choose to observe life a little differently and maybe grow.

So, at the end of the movie Goldie Hawn finds out she has been scammed, but not before falling in love with Kurt Russell. She reluctantly returns to the yacht with her rich husband and mother believing that’s what she needs to do. As she tries to adapt back into her “rich” life she is slowly realizing that none of it makes her as happy as living the “poor” life with Kurt Russell. Eventually, of course, they end up getting back together and living happily ever after.

Our lessons in life can be found everywhere if we just pay attention more. Like I said, I have seen this movie 100 times but last night I saw it with new eyes. I realized it’s more than just a romantic comedy but a lesson on being TRULY happy. It’s a lesson in perspective and how it can either help us or hurt us.

So now to get a little esoteric…but interesting.

1. Goldie Hawn represents our delusion that moves through this life believing that OUR reality is the ONLY reality.

2. The icy ocean and amnesia represents the awakening we could all potentially go through when the universe steps in to give us EXACTLY what we need. We “forget” all we have been taught and told to be true, while opening our hearts to the truth.

3. Kurt Russell represents a way we can take a suffering and turn it into love and truth.

4. Her mother and her rich husband represent the Ego. Although we can see the truth, the ego is always trying to pull us back into our delusion and it’s up to us to decide whether we want to continue in ignorance or change.

It teaches us not to be quick to judge and begin to recognize the good in ALL of us. It tells us to look deep inside ourselves and see if we are living OUR life or someone else’s.

The “light” in Goldie Hawn had ALWAYS been there but it was her conditionings that forced her to believe something else.

Our thoughts, conditionings, habits are NOT who we are. We can change at any moment and at any time.

It’s all up to you.

So, just like her, sometimes the universe has to throw you into icy cold waters for you to forget everything you know…so you can find the TRUTH in yourself…so you can find LOVE in yourself.

So you can find….your TRUE self.