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Exploring LIFE outside your box ⋆ Breath of the Lotus
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Exploring LIFE outside your box

Exploring LIFE outside your box

Are you living in a box?.

I find people LOVE their “comfort” box.

What’s a comfort box, you say?

This “box” is what we call home to everything we think we are.

Within this box contains ALL you believe you know to be truth. It contains your conditionings, your teachings, your opinions, your views, your beliefs, your habits and everything else that you judge, assume or THINK is right/wrong or good/bad.

So, how much of YOUR life is actually YOURS and not just a collaboration of teachings, structures or thoughts from outside influences?

When you speak are you using YOUR words? When you think are you using YOUR thoughts?

It’s these very things that begin construction of your “comfort box”.

While this box can be comforting and reassuring, it is also CONFINING.

Do you find yourself going in circles in life? Do you find yourself falling into the SAME patterns over and over? Do you find you are ALWAYS coming back to the same place and never truly evolving into anything else?

This confining structure may assist you in surviving the day and maybe certain situations that may arise within it…but is surviving actually LIVING?

It’s not till you step outside this box that you realized you are not being supported at all…you are being IMPRISONED. Imprisoned within a computer like program that responds automatically due to the information you have acquired throughout your life. Never having a new thought….never questioning anything.

If you are held in captivity since birth, kept in the SAME room for years and years, shown pictures of what is real and told how to think, you would never know the size of the world right outside the door, right?

…and outside the door is something amazing, yet simple….THE TRUTH.

This seems extreme but it is EXACTLY what life is when you cannot see what is outside the four walls of this box you created.

You built it and it is your mind, thoughts and memories that support it.

Your mind wants you to obey so bad that it actually creates words for people who live outside this box…they are called CRAZY, KOOKY, or WEIRD.

It’s the “crazy” people in the world, though, that help us evolve into something else…something new.

A little over a hundred years ago the very idea of flying was considered CRAZY, yet today over 100,000 flights take off EVERY SINGLE DAY. As little as 30 years ago the very idea of walking around with a handheld computer and GPS would have been unheard of or “crazy thinking”, yet today 99% of the world can’t live without it.

Nobody has ever done anything memorable within their “box” and no one has ever changed the world without the realization this “box” is no more than a self made security blanket.

Now, maybe this is all pretty obvious to most people but then why do SO MUCH OF US still live confined within it?

It’s the safe bet….that’s why.

“Nothing bad will happen to me if I don’t leave this box”  – Box dwellers

There’s a movie called “The Truman Show”

(spoiler alert)

In the movie Jim Carrey plays this character that is trapped in a town that was specifically created for a reality tv show. In the movie he is THE ONLY ONE that doesn’t know this. Every single person in this town is an actor and has specific parts to play in order for the tv show to run smoothly without him finding out. His friends, job, parents and even his wife all are completely fake. He is taught of the world but is forced into certain situations, throughout his life, that creates a personal fear of leaving this town. Even though they try to instill this fear throughout his life his desire to travel grows in strength the older he gets. Long story short, with EVERY possible roadblock thrown his way he still manages to escape. He not only escapes this “box”, of what he believed the world to be, but also his “captors” (or the mind) who claimed to be his “protectors”.

So, that’s the best way I can describe the illusion of this “box”. It’s ignorance in it’s simplest form. We think we are being protected but in actuality we are being imprisoned by a false reality that only exists because we allow it to.

So, you can convince yourself everyday this is the “right way” or you can break the locks, open the door and step outside.

From the moment we are born we begin to write this “book of life”

So, how is yours going?

Are you writing an epic novel or stereo instructions?

YOU have built this structure from the ground up and you can also destroy it by pulling each wall down one by one.

Maybe it’s scary and unknown but begin slow, by just peeking outside…

Maybe, you try a new food? Talk to someone new? Try out a new hobby or interest?

I’m sure, without my suggestions, there has been something each one of you would LOVE to do but are CONSTANTLY making excuses for why you can’t do it.

THAT is EXACTLY the one thing you need to do…NOW!

You might be hesitant or scared at first. You might think “This is stupid” or “This isn’t making me feel any better” or “This is CRAZY!” (and there’s that word “crazy”)

These are all normal thoughts as you begin to take baby steps outside your program. The mind tries SOOOO hard to pull you back into this “comfort box” because it doesn’t want to have to think or do anything new.

So, how do we recognize this and fix it?

Well, it all starts with just a realization and an attitude change.

Try something new, dammit!! Try something that scares you! Try something that challenges your belief system!

Meditate! I cannot stress enough that meditation is the key for EVERY door. When you sit in silence the truth comes pouring out. Meditation opens your heart and forces your mind to bow down to it.

ALL truth starts and ends with the heart…

and then…one day…

something happens.

You begin to start living and stop OBEYING.

Soon, you are spending more time outside this box than inside.

Soon, you start to have new ideas and new thoughts.

You start to distant yourself from the people in your life that drain you physically and gain new, more rewarding relationships.

After awhile, you are so far away from your “box” that you don’t even care to find your way back at all.

…and It all starts with a belief and a side of trust.

Believe there is more truth to reality than you have been taught, told or can see with your eyes.

Believe that just because words come from trusted sources don’t make them necessarily true.

Trust the unknown. Trust your own intuition.

We have been hearing the saying “Live outside the box”  our whole lives…but is it just now you are able to understand what that means?

Situations within our lives, whether good or bad, will always exist. So, as you handle these situations, are you making your life better or worse? Pain will find you whether you explore the deepest oceans or never leave the bed…it doesn’t matter.

There is NO set of standards for anything in life. Everything begins and ends with YOU.

Cultivate new habits. Do the things that scare you. Make yourself uncomfortable. Take pleasure in someone calling you weird, crazy or kooky….it’s ALL ok.

Lead with your heart and leave the rest behind.

Once you leave a part of something behind it becomes just a relic of time. An object from an earlier time that may appear occasionally but never look the same again. A sentimental piece of a life that no longer serves you.

We can cherish the “box” as this relic of your life.

Give it gratitude for the things within it, the lessons learned and then simply allow the relic to be what a relic is…