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Becoming a Butterfly (How to embrace the beauty in your change) ⋆ Breath of the Lotus
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Becoming a Butterfly (How to embrace the beauty in your change)

Becoming a Butterfly (How to embrace the beauty in your change)

Butterflies are simply beautiful creatures…

They not only fill the earth with grace and beautiful color but they can be a symbol of change, hope, luck and even spiritual rebirth. They are extremely common to see but we all probably fail to see the beauty and lesson within their life as it compares to ours.

The butterfly is not immediately born a butterfly. It actually passes through 4 stages of change before emerging into this beautiful creature. These 4 stages are extremely important to the overall culmination of it’s being. As the butterfly experiences each stage in it’s metamorphosis it doesn’t overly obsess about how to be a butterfly, it trusts the process and trusts nature to be it’s guide.

We all go through stages in life. We start as a baby, then a child, then a teenager, then adult. Within these stages specific changes begin to happen throughout our body. Each of those stages also contains additional products of life that will differ within each individual. For example, we are raised by different parents, we don’t all go to the same schools, we have different partners along the way, we get different jobs, we have or we don’t have children, we experience different levels of pain and pleasure, etc…

All of this, while it may seem important at the time, is just preparing us.

Preparing us for what?

To be a “butterfly”.

Butterflies are born caterpillars. Most of the caterpillars journey is only eating…..a lot. It gathers its strength to grow and prepare for the “chrysalis” stage of it’s life where it will transform into a butterfly. It works hard within this journey then completely lets go of prior circumstances in order to become what it was destined to be.

We, unlike the caterpillar, think that EVERY single stage in our life is the MOST IMPORTANT and either BETTER or WORSE than everyone else. We are ignorant to the bigger picture of what life is truly trying to offer us.

Take a second to think about when you were in school. Maybe you were popular or maybe you weren’t, either way, didn’t you think that time of your life was like the MOST important EVER!? The friends? The relationships? The era?? yet…..at this moment of your life you realize it was just a blip…a memory of your past…..just a part of how you got to where you are RIGHT NOW.

While we think it would be extremely helpful for us to know our destiny, we would never get there without the stages we need to go through. If we knew what we were destined for we would run toward the pleasure and avoid all the pain…all the while missing out on the GROWTH that we require to end up EXACTLY where we need to be.

Suffering is your choice but PAIN is an intricate part of the journey that is unavoidable. The sooner we can recognize this the sooner we can start to live our lives to our fullest potential.

We need the pain just as we need the pleasure in order to grow….to learn…..to help form our “chrysalis”

Think about something in your life that ended poorly….maybe a job, a relationship, etc..(this is an example of “pain” which is inevitable in life). Most of us will then fall into this temporary depression where we feel weak, worthless, inadequate or fearful. (that is an example of “suffering” and is YOUR choice)

…….but then, something AMAZING comes along. Perhaps THAT makes you realize why you needed to lose whatever it was in order for this next stage to take place. A lot of us fail to recognize this stage but it’s life changing when you do. I’m sure we can all think of something wonderful in our lives that would have failed to exist without something that caused us pain in the past.

Those situations, whether painful or not, are your “caterpillar”.

If the caterpillar was afraid of change and decided to just be a caterpillar it would never know the beautiful life it was capable of.

Sometimes we have to surrender into the “caterpillar”. If we don’t prepare we can never truly be ready to embrace our “butterfly”

You never know when it’s time to be the butterfly. Our job, right now, is to just trust the process.

Embrace every feeling…..every emotion…..every situation.

The metamorphosis of our lives is happening everyday and all around us. It’s not only happening to us as individuals but in a collective way also.

The sooner we can accept our “caterpillar” the sooner we can observe this shell that begins to surround us. The shell will awaken you to TRUE reality. It will then fall away to reveal the butterfly that was always destined to be.

The butterfly represents truth. It represents who you TRULY are, the beauty of your life, and culmination of a lifetime of growth.

Embrace it, It truly is magical. ( :